The UN Road Safety Fund provides the bridge between advocacy and action
Every 24 seconds, one person dies in a road accident. That’s 1.35 million people per year.
Every minute, around 100 people get seriously injured in road accidents. Fifty million a year.
High speed plays a role in one-third of those fatalities. In Africa, speed is a factor in more than half of all road crashes.
Lower speeds save lives. That is why the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week calls for lower speeds worldwide.
Sound speed limits lead to safer, greener and healthier cities, towns and villages.
The UN Road Safety Fund plays a unique role as the central UN fund aimed at reducing road fatalities. The Fund works every day on projects that reduce the dangers people face in traffic in lower- and middle-income countries.
Across the globe
The Phillippines

Excessive speed is a major contributor to road deaths in the Philippines. While the national government wanted to strengthen road safety laws and speed enforcement, local governments were often unaware of their responsibility to classify roads with appropriate speed limits and to enforce those limits. They also lacked the expertise to start these kinds of initiatives.

"Strengthening Speed Management in the Philippines", implemented by UNESCAP, realized significant impact with more than 170 speed enforcers trained in best-practice speed enforcement, high-level officials supported in developing speed enforcement plans, and more than 75,000 people engaged through social media on the importance of appropriate speeds. A speed enforcement package has been developed ensuring the sustainability of the speed management trainings through ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops.

“The training workshops and the technical support provided to the enforcement officers is a key step to improve speed management in the Philippines and thus decrease road crash deaths and injuries,” said Mr. David Cliff, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Road Safety Partnership. “In every crash, speed determines injury severity and reducing speeds is essential to reducing road trauma.”

Period: 12 months in 2018/2019
Funding: US$198,546 (pilot project)
Partners: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), ImagineLaw, Philippines Government
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